Acid Mist Tomorrow

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With their 2nd studio album „Acid Mist tomorrow“, French metal experimentalists Hypno5e create a unique musical realm. You could call it „ambient metal“ or „fusion metal“; there is the airy playfulness of modern day's CYNIC in their songwriting, but the melodic, mellow side is only half of the picture. The other side is dark and crushingly heavy, but the airy serenity always comes back at one point: this is what makes „Acid Mist Tomorrow“ so interesting and captivating.

After 2 full US tours and more than 200 shows alongside bands such as Gojira or Abigail Williams, Hypno5e are no longer just a „French phenomenon“. The 4-piece's live shows display a holistic approach to the arts: with video projections and conceptual lighting being an integral part of the spectacle, Hypno5e create a mesmerizing atmosphere that sucks the listener into their dark cosmos. The band was recently seen supporting legendary fusion metallers CYNIC across Europe.

Hypno5e are one of the most exhilarating bands in the progressive metal world right now, and Acid Mist Tomorrow will see their popularity soar. Not for those with a short attention span. 9/10 17.9/20

Avec une musique moins décoiffée, moins bordélique, plus carrée, mais toujours aussi frénétique, la formation signe là un carton plein avec cet opus exceptionnel. Le mieux dans tout cela, c’est qu’Hypno5e n’a pas perdu son originalité et a su assurer son style particulier. 17/20

"Acid Mist Tomorrow" est immense pour tout cela. Il mérite sa place sur un trône auprès des grands artistes ayant osé proposer un monde unique, personnel et beau ; auprès de ces grands albums avant-gardistes et innovants que nous ne sommes pas prêts de lâcher ; auprès de ces œuvres où le moindre souffle, le simple murmure est vécu et partagé par des artistes se mettant à nu devant son public. 9/10

“Acid Mist Tomorrow” trägt eine emotionale Dimension mit sich, die nur wenige Veröffentlichungen aufspannen können. Schwermütig, trostlos, geradezu verzweifelt klingen die knapp 52 Minuten – und das zu jeder Zeit absolut authentisch, konsequent und Gänsehaut verursachend.” 10 / 10

Released February 22, 2012

Produced by Emmanuel Jessua
Recorded and mixed in 2010, 2011, 2012 by Benoît POUZOL and Hypno5e at Studio Le Chèvre.
Mastered by Adrien SAUVAGET at X-Pand Sound Mastering
Re-edited by Pelagic Records 2016

Vocals, guitars: Emmanuel JESSUA
Drums & percussions: Thibault LAMY
Bass guitar, backing vocals: Cédric "Gredin" PAGES
Guitars: Jonathan MAUROIS